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Hype Train FC: Podcast

Exclusively on the club's YouTube channel, and launched in August 2023, the Hype Train  Podcast is a hybrid video podcast hosted by Robert Austin that tackles all elements of grassroots football and wider footalling topics.

Have a grassroots story to tell?: Reach out to the team below and we will be back in contact - we want to profile as many clubs, individuals, and situations, as possible. Submissions can be anonymous, or on behalf of an individual or club.

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Club Resources

As part of our Podcast launch, Hype Train FC have opened our doors and created a go-to for new grassroots clubs to help take your club's presentation and administration to the next level.

Check out our shop on Ko-fi, which has an array of affordable digital products for football club owners, designers, and administrators, to help bring your club to life on the screen.

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Contact the Train

Fill out the contact box, or alternatively, contact us via email directly:

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