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Hype Train Football Club: 2021/22 Complete Saturday & Sunday League Season Statistics Overview

The squad celebrates with the EBFL Presidents Cup after beating AFC Cressex 4-3 in the final. Photography by Gary House

Welcome aboard the home of Hype Train Football Club. Here, you can read an in-depth statistical review of the 2021/22 season, with the club competing in both the East Berkshire Football League (EBFL) as well as the Reading & District Sunday Football League (RDSFL), with the club playing 46 competitive matches in a packed year of football. All aboard.

2021/22 Season: Saturday & Sunday League Review's:

We have covered both days of football this past season with reviews, and if you would like to view either review, please follow the links below. This article will purely cover the numbers and statistics from our third season.

The team recorded their largest ever win to begin the season, a 12-1 away win in RDSL Division 4 vs. RG6 FC at Palmer Park.

Hype Train FC - 2021/22 Friendly Schedule:

1) Sun 08/08/2021 - Pre-Season: New England 1-2 Hype Train FC

2) Sat 14/08/2021 - Pre-Season: Hurst FC Reserves 2-2 Hype Train FC

3) Sun 15/08/2021 - Pre-Season: Rose & Thistle FC 0-4 Hype Train FC

4) Sat 21/08/2021 - Pre-Season: Burghfield FC Reserves 1-0 Hype Train FC

5) Sun 12/09/2021 - Mid-Season: Hype Train FC 3-3 Caversham United

6) Fri 01/10/2021 - Mid-Season: Wokingham & Embrook FC Development 1-5 Hype Train FC

Hype Train FC - 2021/22 Season Schedule:

September 2021:

1) Sun 05/09/2021 - RDSL Division 4: RG6 FC 1-12 Hype Train FC

2) Sun 19/09/2021 - RDSL Division 4: Hype Train FC 6-1 Core FC

3) Sun 26/09/2021 - BBFA Sunday Trophy (R1): Hype Train FC 3-0 B.A.S. FC

October 2021:

4) Sun 03/10/2021 - John Lusted Cup (R1): Hype Train FC 8-3 Core FC

5) Sun 10/10/2021 - RDSL Division 4: NFFT FC 0-5 Hype Train FC

6) Sun 17/10/2021 - RDSL Division 4: Calcot FC 0-8 Hype Train FC

7) Sun 24/10/2021 - BBFA Sunday Trophy (R2): Hype Train FC 3-1 Reading United

8) Sat 30/10/2021 - EBFL Premier Division: Pundit FC 2-2 Hype Train FC

November 2021:

9) Sat 06/11/2021 - EBFL Premier Division: Hype Train FC 3-1 Iver Heath FC

10) Sun 07/11/2021 - John Lusted Cup (R2): Hype Train FC 2-0 FC Woodley

11) Sat 13/11/2021 - BBFA Charles Twelftree Trophy (R1): Hype Train FC 4-0 Lambourn Sports

12) Sat 20/11/2021 - EBFL Premier Division: Hype Train FC 2-3 Stoke Poges FC

13) Sun 21/11/2021 - RDSL Division 4: Hype Train FC 8-1 Calcot FC

14) Sat 27/11/2021 - EBFL Premier Division: Hype Train FC 7-4 Pundit FC

15) Sun 28/11/2021 - BBFA Sunday Trophy (Last 32): Hype Train FC 5-0 Wraysbury FC

December 2021:

16) Sun 05/12/2021 - John Lusted Cup (Last 8): Reading United 5-0 Hype Train FC

17) Sat 11/12/2021 - BBFA Charles Twelftree Trophy (R2): Wraysbury FC 2-0 Hype Train FC

January 2022:

18) Sat 08/01/2022 - EBFL Premier Division: Iver Heath FC 3-3 Hype Train FC

19) Sun 09/01/2022 - BBFA Sunday Trophy (Last 16): Give Back FC 4-2 Hype Train FC

20) Sun 16/01/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Hype Train FC 3-1 NFFT FC

21) Sat 22/01/2022 - EBFL Presidents Cup (Preliminary Round): Hype Train FC 8-0 Sandhurst Town U23's

22) Sun 23/01/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Reading United 2-1 Hype Train FC

23) Sat 29/01/2022 - EBFL League Cup (R2): Hype Train FC 1-3 Iver Heath FC

24) Sun 30/01/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Brothers United 0-2 Hype Train FC

February 2022:

25) Sat 05/02/2022 - EBFL Presidents Cup (Last 16): Harts of Bracknell FC 2-3 Hype Train FC

26) Sun 06/02/2022 - RDSL Division 4: FC Whitley Wood 0-8 Hype Train FC

27) Sat 12/02/2022 - EBFL Premier Division: Hype Train FC 0-7 Singh Sabha Slough FC

28) Sun 13/02/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Give Back FC Reserves 1-1 Hype Train FC

March 2022:

29) Sat 05/03/2022 - EBFL Premier Division: Singh Sabha Slough FC 2-2 Hype Train FC

30) Sun 06/03/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Hype Train FC 5-0 Brothers United

31) Sun 13/03/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Hype Train FC 4-2 Give Back FC Reserves

32) Sat 19/03/2022 - EBFL Presidents Cup (Last 8): Frontline FC 2-3 Hype Train FC (AET)

33) Sun 20/03/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Hype Train FC 4-0 Barton Rovers Reserves

34) Sat 26/03/2022 - EBFL Premier Division: Hype Train FC 0-3 Old Windsor FC

April 2022:

35) Sat 02/04/2022 - EBFL Presidents Cup (Last 4): Old Windsor FC Reserves 2-5 Hype Train FC

36) Sun 10/04/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Hype Train FC 1-3 Reading United

37) Sat 16/04/2022 - EBFL Premier Division: Hype Train FC 4-1 KS Gryf

38) Sun 17/04/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Barton Rovers Reserves 0-6 Hype Train FC

39) Wed 20/04/2022 - EBFL Premier Division: Stoke Poges FC 3-4 Hype Train FC

40) Sat 23/04/2022 - EBFL Premier Division: Hype Train FC 0-0 AFC Cressex

41) Sun 24/04/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Hype Train FC 5-1 FC Whitley Wood

42) Sat 30/04/2022 - EBFL Premier Division: KS Gryf 3-4 Hype Train FC

May 2022:

43) Sat 07/05/2022 - EBFL Presidents Cup (Final): Hype Train FC 4-3 AFC Cressex

44) Sun 08/05/2022 - RDSL Division 4: Core FC 3-4 Hype Train FC

45) Wed 18/05/2022 - EBFL Premier Division (Showcase Game): Britwell FC 4-2 Hype Train FC

46) Wed 25/05/2022 - EBFL Premier Division: Britwell FC 4-1 Hype Train FC

*EBFL: The club were unable to field teams against Old Windsor FC (A), Frontline FC (H & A), whilst AFC Cressex (A) was voided.

* RDSL: The club were awarded 3 walkover victories, against RG6 FC (A), and MAC FC (H & A).

The club played 14 of 18 matches in EBFL's Premier Division, earning 19 points.

Hype Train FC - 2021/22 Saturday League Season Statistics:

Friendly Matched Played: 6

Competitive Matches Played: 22 (14 league, 8 cup)

Win/Draw/Loss Record: 11 W / 4 D / 7 L

Walkover Losses / Voided Game: 4 (2 away, 1 home, 1 voided game)

EBFL Premier Division Record: 5 W, 4 D, 5 L, 3 Walkover Losses, 1 Voided Game

Goals Scored: 62 (34 league, 28 cup)

Goals Conceded: 54 (40 league, 14 cup)

Clean Sheets: 3 (1 league, 2 cup)

Top Scorer: Leon Mannion (21)

Most Assists: Leon Mannion (12)

Most Clean Sheets (GK): Chris Marshall (1), Jamie Halsall (1), Daniel Bone (1)

Top Goal Scorers:

Leon Mannion (21)

Phil Newport (19)

Paul Hatfield (4)

Ash Ali (3)

Jon Watkins (3)

Callum Fox-Spence (2)

Callum Parr-Jones (2)

George Holloway (2)

Robert Austin (1)

Graham High (1)

Chris Marshall (1)

Shane Cooper-Clark (1)

Own Goals: 2

Total Goals: 62

Most Assists:

Leon Mannion (12)

Phil Newport (9)

Shane Cooper-Clark (6)

Paul Hatfield (5)

Joe Sawyer (3)

Danny Basden (2)

Robert Austin (2)

Abz Raisa (1)

Chris Marshall (1)

Gino Izzo (1)

Stuart Stannard (1)

Callum Parr-Jones (1)

Callum Fox-Spence (1)

George Holloway (1)

Ash Ali (1)

Dany Setiawan (1)

Matt Snell (1)

Jon Watkins (1)

No assists: 4

Total Assists: 62

Hype Train FC - 2021/22 Sunday League Season Statistics:

Friendly Matched Played: 6

Competitive Matches Played: 24 (17 league, 7 cup)

Win/Draw/Loss Record: 19 W / 1 D / 4 L

Walkover Victories: 3 (1 away, 2 home)

RDSL Division 4 Record: 14 W, 1 D, 2 L, 3 Walkover Wins

Goals Scored: 106 (83 league, 23 cup)

Goals Conceded: 29 (16 league, 13 cup)

Clean Sheets: 10 (7 league, 3 cup)

Top Scorer: Leon Mannion (26)

Most Assists: Phil Newport (20)

Most Clean Sheets (GK): Jake Holloway (4), Robert Austin (4) Chris Marshall (1), Jack Roche (1)

Top Goal Scorers:

Leon Mannion (26)

Phil Newport (18)

Paul Hatfield (7)

Scott Terry (7)

Owen Jones (6)

Jamie Carter (5)

Callum Parr-Jones (5)

George Holloway (5)

Dany Setiawan (4)

Callum Gibbons (3)

Sam Bolwell (2)

Chris Marshall (2)

Colins Akemche (2)

Callum Fox-Spence (2)

Joe Sawyer (2)

Gino Izzo (1)

Sam Paddon (1)

Stuart Stannard (1)

Shane Cooper-Clark (1)

Walid Zaky (1)

Robert Austin (1)

Jake Holloway (1)

Own Goals: 3

Total Goals: 106

Most Assists:

Phil Newport (20)

Leon Mannion (18)

Paul Hatfield (8)

Stuart Stannard (6)

Callum Fox-Spence (6)

Jamie Carter (5)

Chris Marshall (4)

Gino Izzo (4)

Walid Zaky (4)

George Holloway (3)

Callum Parr-Jones (3)

Dany Setiawan (3)

Shane Cooper-Clark (3)

Graham High (2)

Callum Gibbons (2)

Danny Basden (2)

Scott Terry (2)

Robert Austin (1)

Owen Jones (1)

Colins Akemche (1)

No assists: 8

Total Assists: 98

The team celebrate with the Presidents Cup - the club has a tradition of taking squad photos at every game. Photo by Gary House

Hype Train FC - 2021/22 Combined Season Statistics:

Friendly Matched Played: 6

Competive Matches (Day): 22 (Sat), 24 (Sun)

Competitive Matches Played: 46 (31 league, 15 cup)

Win/Draw/Loss Record: 30 W / 5 D / 11 L

Walkover Victories: 3 (1 away, 2 home)

Walkover Losses / Voided Game: 4 (2 away, 1 home, 1 voided game)

Goals (Saturday): 62 (34 league, 28 cup)

Goals (Sunday): 106 (83 league, 23 cup)

Goals (Combined): 168 (117 league, 51 cup)

Goals Conceded (Saturday): 54 (40 league, 14 cup)

Goals Conceded (Sunday): 29 (16 league, 13 cup)

Goals Conceded (Combined): 83 (56 league, 27 cup)

Clean Sheets: 13 (8 league, 5 cup)

Top Scorer: Leon Mannion (47)

Most Assists: Leon Mannion (30)

Most Clean Sheets (GK): Jake Holloway (4), Robert Austin (4) Chris Marshall (2), Jack Roche (1), Jamie Halsall (1), Daniel Bone (1)

Competition History:

EBFL Premier Division: 7th (out of 10)

EBFL League Cup: 2nd Round (Last 16)

EBFL Presidents Cup: Winners!

BBFA Charles Twelftree Trophy: 2nd Round (Last 32)

RDSL Division 4: 2nd (out of 11)

RDSL John Lusted Cup: Quarter-Finals

BBFA Sunday Trophy: Round 4 (Last 16)

Top Goal Scorers:

Leon Mannion (47)

Phil Newport (37)

Paul Hatfield (11)

Callum Parr-Jones (7)

George Holloway (7)

Scott Terry (7)

Owen Jones (6)

Jamie Carter (5)

Dany Setiawan (4)

Callum Fox-Spence (4)

Callum Gibbons (3)

Ash Ali (3)

Chris Marshall (3)

Jon Watkins (3)

Sam Bolwell (2)

Colins Akemche (2)

Joe Sawyer (2)

Shane Cooper-Clark (2)

Robert Austin (2)

Graham High (1)

Gino Izzo (1)

Sam Paddon (1)

Stuart Stannard (1)

Walid Zaky (1)

Jake Holloway (1)

Own Goals: 5

Total Goals: 168

Most Assists:

Leon Mannion (30)

Phil Newport (29)

Paul Hatfield (13)

Shane Cooper-Clark (9)

Stuart Stannard (7)

Callum Fox-Spence (7)

Jamie Carter (5)

Chris Marshall (5)

Gino Izzo (5)

Walid Zaky (4)

George Holloway (4)

Callum Parr-Jones (4)

Dany Setiawan (4)

Danny Basden (4)

Joe Sawyer (3)

Robert Austin (3)

Graham High (2)

Callum Gibbons (2)

Scott Terry (2)

Owen Jones (1)

Colins Akemche (1)

Ash Ali (1)

Matt Snell (1)

Jon Watkins (1)

Abz Raisa (1)

No assists: 12

Total Assists: 168

Other Club Statistics - 2021/22 Season:

15 Season Hat-Tricks: Across both days, the club managed to score 15 trebles in 46 games, with 6 players managing hat-tricks - Leon Mannion (6), Phil Newport (5), Dany Setiawan (1), Scott Terry (1), Owen Jones (1), Paul Hatfield (1).

Saturday Stats Only: Of all the players who played on both days, only Jon Watkins managed all of his attacking returns (3 goals, 1 assist) in Saturday League action, with each of Watkins' 3 goals coming in the EBFL Presidents Cup.

100+ Games: The club ended the season having played a total of 104 games in all competitions across 3 seasons, with 52 (half) of our matches taking place in the most recent 2021/22 season. The 2019/20 season saw 23 games in total, whilst the 2020/21 season had the team compete 29 times.

30+ Appearances: Across the club, there were 6 players who managed 30+ appearances across both days of football, whilst only 2 managed 40+ apps - Robert Austin (43), Phil Newport (40), Chris Marshall (35), Callum Fox-Spence (34), Gino Izzo (32), Leon Mannion (32).

50+ Overall Appearances: Since the club was formed in July 2019, there are only 4 current players who have surpassed 50+ appearances from the club's 103 games played - Robert Austin (101), Phil Newport (72), Chris Marshall (71), Leon Mannion (54)... There are also 3 players close to this milestone - Joe Sawyer (49), Jamie Carter (48), Callum Parr-Jones (47).

Where is the goal?: Of all the squad yet to score a goal, there were 5 players who were unable to register a debut goal for the club - George Fradgley, Vince van Lembergen, Matt Snell, Ryan Knott, Danny Basden.

Red is the Colour: The team wore a range of 5 kit colours this season, with our red Kitlocker kit the most used, and was worn in our first and last games of the season - Red (16), Orange (14), Blue (10), Green (4), White (2)

Unbeaten in Green: Of the club's 4 matches wearing green, we are unbeaten (3W, 1D) in the colour, with the team's highest scoring Saturday game coming in the colour as we beat Pundit FC 7-4 in EBFL's Premier Division.

50% Goals: Leon Mannion (47) and Phil Newport (37) scored a combined 84 goals this season, exactly half of the team's 168 goals this season.

Lethal Combination: Phil Newport assisted 17 of Leon Mannion's 47 goals this season, whilst Mannion assisted 13 of Newport's 37 goals.

Most Awarded Man of the Match: Phil Newport received the club's Man of the Match award on 6 occasions this season from 40 games, the most of any player.

Triple Tie for Player of the Month: 3 players (Leon Mannion, Phil Newport, and Chris Marshall) each were awarded the club's POTM award twice throughout the season, with the trio 6 of the 7 monthly awards.

From Game 1 to 100: The club played our very first game against Berkshire Dons on 21st July 2019. Of the 14 in the squad that day, 4 featured in our 100th game against AFC Cressex as the club won the EBFL Presidents Cup - Robert Austin, Callum Fox-Spence, Joe Sawyer, and Leon Mannion.

Clean Sheet Kings: The club kept 13 clean sheets from 46 matches this season, with Robert Austin and Phil Newport the only players to be involved in all 13.

Milestone Goals: The club have scored a total of 305 goals since our first-ever game, with 168 coming this past season. This means we hit 4 milestone markers, with each goal coming in Sunday League action in RDSL Division 4.

- 150th Goal: Leon Mannion vs. Core FC (RDSL Division 4, 6-1 win)

- 200th Goal: Paul Hatield vs. Calcot FC (RDSL Division 4, 8-1 win)

- 250th Goal: George Holloway vs. Brothers United (RDSL Division 4, 5-0 win)

- 300th Goal: Jake Holloway vs. Core FC (RDSL Division 4, 4-3 win)

Other Club Statistics - 2021/22 Saturday Season:

100th Game: The club's 100th match in all competitions came in the EBFL Presidents Cup Final against AFC Cressex at Burnham FC's 1878 Stadium.

History in our first EBFL Final: The club managed to win the Presidents Cup 4-3 against Cressex, winning our first piece of silverware in our 100th game.

High Scoring League Game: The club's 7-4 home win against Pundit FC was the highest scoring game in the Premier Division, with no other game managing 11 goals.

Highest Scoring Cup Final: Our 4-3 outing against Cressex in the Presidents Cup final was the highest scoring cup final result during the 2021/22 season.

The League's Only 0-0 Draw: The club's only clean sheet in the Premier Division was against Cressex on April 23rd. This was the only goalless draw in the EBFL Premier Division all season long - yes, no other teams were involved in a 0-0.

Joint Highest Scorer: Leon Mannion scored 21 goals in Saturday League action, which is level with Singh Sabha's Pritpal Raju.

Stoke Poges Anomaly: The club lost 5 matches in EBFL's Premier Division, with the only defeat against a side outside the 'Big 3' coming against Stoke Poges in a 3-2 home defeat.

Rules of the Sin Bin?: The club saw 3 players enter the Sin Bin throughout the season (Chris Marshall, Phil Newport, Leon Mannion), all for different reasons. Mannion contested a clear onside call, Marshall was talking to his own team moments after we had conceded a free kick, whilst Newport contested a potential penalty.

Never Seeing Red: The club did not receive a red card throughout the season, and have only ever received 2 red cards, both for incidents after a game had ended.

100th Appearance: Robert Austin managed a century of appearances for the club during the EBFL Showcase game against Britwell FC on 18th May 2022 at Burnham FC's 1878 Stadium.

Record Loss: The team's 7-0 home loss against Singh Sabha on 12th February in the Premier Division was the club's largest record loss, and the first time we have conceded 2 own goals in a single game (Vince van Lembergen and Callum Gibbons).

Best League Result against a 'Big 3' Club: Our 7-0 loss against Sabha was followed up with the club's best league result in the Premier Division, a 2-2 draw away at Singh Sabha.

Two Penalty Saves: The club registered 2 penalty saves throughout the season, the first coming from Callum Parr-Jones against Singh Sabha in a 2-2 draw, with CPJ's save coming in the 90th minute to deny the hosts victory. The second came from Jamie Halsall in the EBFL Presidents Cup semi-final against Old Windsor FC Reserves, with the score at 2-0 at the time of Halsall's crucial save.

Strike Partners: Leon Mannion (21) and Phil Newport (19) scored 40 of the club's 62 goals in Saturday League action this season, which is 64.5% of the team's goals.

First time in Extra-Time: The club's 3-2 win at Frontline FC in the quarter-finals of the Presidents Cup was the first time the club has ever played an additional 30 minutes of football. We have yet to feature in a penalty shoot out.

Longest Match in Club History: The 3-2 (AET) win against Frontline FC on 19th March 2022 is timed at 141 minutes and 43 seconds, the longest game of football the club has been involved in.

Other Club Statistics - 2021/22 Sunday League Season:

Biggest Win: The club's opening game of the season against RG6 FC, a 12-1 victory at Palmer Park on 05/09/2021 is the club's biggest win in a competitive game.

Losses: The club only lost 4 matches in Sunday League this season, 3 of them coming against Reading United, and the other against Give Back FC in the Berks & Bucks FA Sunday Trophy in the club's first outing in 2022.

Reading United's only Loss: Despite losing 3 times to them, we were the only club to beat Reading United in competitive action during the season, beating them 3-1 at home in the second round of the BBFA Sunday Trophy on 24/10/2021.

Scoring Goalkeepers: We had 4 players who featured in goal this season find the back of the net, including regular Sunday keeper, Jake Holloway - who scored a penalty on the final day of the season against Core FC, which was the club's 300th overall goal! Sam Bolwell, Robert Austin, and Chris Marshall also found the net on Sunday's this season having played a single minute in goal.

How many players scored goals and assisted?: 22 players scored our 103 goals this season, whilst we had 3 own goals for a total of 106 goals. Meanwhile, 20 players contributed assists.

Away Day Goals: Of all those with goals, there were 6 players who only found the net away from home in Sunday League action; Callum Fox-Spence (2), Sam Bolwell (2), Colins Akemche (2), Gino Izzo (1), Robert Austin (1), and Jake Holloway (1).

Unique Home Game: The club's 3-1 home win over NFFT FC on 16/01/2022 was the first time the club has ever played a home match, typically played down at Calcot Recreation Ground, at a different venue. The weather meant we used The Atrium Health Club (formerly the Ibis) as the club's temporary home for our league game.

Who are MAC FC?: The club had 3 games called off at the last minute due to opposing teams pulling out due to a lack of available players. 2 of those 3 games were both the home and away league games against MAC FC, the only team we didn't play last season.

Fewest Goals Conceded: The team conceded the fewest goals in RDSL Division 4 this season, conceding 16 goals in 17 matches, and have the second-best record in the entire RDSL, only behind Senior Division outfit, FC Bapco, who conceded 12 goals in 20 goals.

Division 4's Top Scorers: Across all league and cup competitions, Leon Mannion scored the most goals of any player (26 goals, one more than Reading United's Kaine Page (25 goals). In the league, Mannion scored 19 goals in 11 games, and was second in the scoring charts behind Page (22 goals).

Division 4 Playmakers: Leon Mannion (13 assists) and Phil Newport (12 assists) were 2nd and 3rd respectively in RDSL Division 4 assists this season, whilst overall Newport (20) and Mannion (18) were 2nd and 3rd overall in assists across all competitions.

Seeing Silver: The club finished as runners-up of RDSL Division 4 this season, and finished as runners-up of the Reading Sunday Social League (RSSL) last season, meaning we have had back-to-back season's finishing in second in our respective Sunday League's.

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